Create Your Own Wix Sales Order Data Collections

About the Course


Here's What You'll Learn To Do

If you're like me, you chose Wix so you could create and control your own Website.


Using real-time Wix Store Sales Data we have everything we need to build upon for Sales, Customer Interaction, Marketing, Inventory, Accounting, Analysis, Reporting and  just running our business better and more profitably.


With real-time Sales Order Data Collections, you can do it all yourself -


Right Inside Your Wix Site



Sales Order Data Collections

Learn to create as many different Sales Order Data Collections that work for you and your business.

All are updated simultaneously and automatically when a new Wix Store Order is placed.

All the Sales Order Data is immediately available to you and your Wix Site.



Kinds of Sales Order Records

Create both types of Sales Order Records in your different Order Data Collections.

With One Order per Record, the Sales Data for each Order is available in a separate record.

With One Item per Record, an Order Data Collection can be sorted and datamined by Item data.


Easily Customize

NO Coding to Learn

The two types of Objects you need to create are provided for you:

  • Order Data Collections

  • http-functions.js File

Import editable CSV files to crearte as many Order Data Collections as you want - with your own Fields and Field Names.

Easily customize an http-functions.js file to fit your Wix Site - edit simple text template, full instructions included.

NO Coding is needed. If you can use Excel and Text Editor, you can create your own custom solution.


What's Included

Everything You Need

The Course walks you through the big picture flows, the underlying 'Why' and, most importantly, shows all the details with supporting materials:

  • Guided Start-to-End Instructions

  • Step-by-Step Videos

  • Example Order Data Collections with matching CSV files to import and make your own

  • http-functions.js sample File to edit and make your own

  • Online PDFs that detail all Data Collection Fields and matching Mailparser Fields

  • Online PDF step-by-step setup to extract Sales Data from the Seller email for every Mailparser Field