About the Course

What's Included? Everything You Need


I've tried to provide everything you'll need to setup and maintain your own Wix Sales Order Data Collections.

Step-by-Step Videos with Example & Reference Files

Each Video includes:

  • Examples you can duplicate

  • Explanations to help understand the Why as well as the What

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Course Curriculum

Order Data Collection CSV Files

All example Order Data Collections in the Course can be duplicated by importing corresponding included CSV Files.

Each CSV File can be edited and customized in Excel to add, delete and rename Fields to fit your Wix Site.

http-functions.js File

A complete copy of the http-functions.js File used in the Course is available to download as a text file.

It's ready to be edited and customized in your text editor or in Wix.

Online PDF References

Online PDF Mailparser Setup

Mailparser reads the Seller email and extracts from it the data for each Sales Order Data Collection Fields.

It extracts the correct data for each Field by applying a sequence of parsing filters to the Seller email.

I've copied from Mailparser each sequence of filters used for every Field in our Wix Order Data Collections.

Just duplicate my setup steps and Mailparser will be ready to use.