About the Course

Create Multiple Sales Order Data Collections


Four example Sales Order Data Collections are included in the Course.

All these Data Collections can be easily duplicated and customized with your choice of Fields and Field Names using the included CSV Files. Create just the right Order Data Collections for your business and your Wix Site.


When an Order is placed in your Wix Store, all Order Data Collections are automatically and simultaneously populated with Sales Data.


Examples - Four Order Data Collections in the Course

These example Data Collections illustrate how you can organize Sales Data into different types of Data Collections to more easily integrate real-time Sales Data into your Wix Site.




This Order Data Collection includes all the Sales Data to be collected from the Wix Store Order in each Record.

Use this organization to find all of an Order's info in a single Record using the Order #.



Each Record contains only the Order info for each Order #.


The Order #, amounts, and all the Item details are included in each Record but doesn't include any Customer or Delivery info.

This is a subset of the WixStore_All Data Collection.



The AllPlus Data Collection includes all the Sales Data to be collected from the Wix Store Order in each Record - PLUS - attach additional Fields to each Order, populated by your Wix Site activity, like Customer comments and feedback.



This Data Collection is different.

For each Order #, there is a separate Record for each Item in the Order. For four Items, there's four Records for the same Order #.

This organization can be easily datamined and sorted for different types of Item details.