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Mailparser email Parser


A Needed Third-party Subscription Tool


The Course process relies on a tool called an email parser.

An email parser:

  • Reads an email - the Seller email output by Wix Store with the Sales Data in it

  • Extracts the Sales Data from the Seller email

  • Sends it to your Wix Site using a Web-based transfer called a Webhook

Mailparser is a very affordable solution - it costs around .06 per sale - less in higher volumes, works perfectly with Wix and is the email parser recommended by Zapier.

If you take this Course to create your own Sales Order Data Collections, you will need a subscription to Mailparser.

A 14-day free trial is available from Mailparser.


Online PDF Mailparser Setup

Mailparser reads the Seller email and extracts from it the data for each Sales Order Data Collection Fields.

It extracts the correct data for each Field by applying a sequence of parsing filters to the Seller email.

I've copied from Mailparser each sequence of filters used for every Field in our Wix Order Data Collections.

Just duplicate my setup steps and Mailparser will be ready to use.