Course - Wix Order Data Collections

Create Your Own Wix Order Data Collections for Wix Store Orders


Wix Store Orders stored automatically in one or more of your Wix Data Collections. Data is stored as each Wix Store Order is placed. 


The step-by-step Course includes everything you need to setup and customize the solution for your Wix Store and for your Business.

Videos and examples guide you through all setups. NO coding knowledge is needed, you won't need to learn to code.


These Data Collections will store One Order per Record orOne Item per Record are shown. Both types and many different Data Collections are supported for each Wix Store Order. The Order Data Collection solution is easily scalable for Orders with many items.


The Course is designed for new Wix Users, experienced Wix Users and expert Wix Developers. Every step is illustrated. Every step is explained.


Course - Wix Order Data Collections

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  • The Wix Order Data Collection process described in the Course requires a mail parser, like Mailparser, to extract Wix Store Sales Order Data from an email to populate your Wix Order Data Collections.


    These are inexpensive to use in your process - but not free.


    There is a cost associated with this type of tool, starting at around $.06 per Wix Store Order transaction, and the cost becomes less per sale at larger volumes - a nominal processing expense per sale.

  • Step-by-step Videos that guide you through in setting up each phase of this complete solution.


    Ready-to-use CSV files that create the Order Data Collection Course examples.


    An editable, customizable example http-functions.js file to copy into your Backend that populates your Order Data Collections.


    Online reference PDFs of all Fields and their attributes.


    Complete Online PDF Mailparser setups to produce every Mailparser Field